Upholstery Cleaning

The service is flexible, affordable, and perfect for refreshing home furnishings, particularly in homes with pets and children! Our technicians provide a reliable and efficient services to our clients using environmentally friendly products. By choosing our service, you can make a difference to the environment and make your home a cleaner, safer place.

Step 1 Inspection

Before doing anything we carry out a full inspection of the  upholstery, check the fibre and take note of any problem areas

Step 2  Vacuum

This is a critical part, a proper vacuum can remove around 80% of dry soiling from your upholstery.this will enable a far superior deep clean

Step 3 Stain Treatment

We tackle every stain beforehand to allow time for the removal of all the stains that are treatable

Step 4 Prespray

We apply a prespray unique to your fabric type.this helps break down dirt,fats and proteins.and can  kills off bacteria and virus’

Step 5 Agitate

In this step we are loosening off the dust and dirt  particles,breaking them down  and getting ready for the next step

Step 6 Extract

This is the fun bit. We use some of the most powerful, market leading extraction machines to remove all the dirt and chemicals back out your home furnishings with an acidic rinse.returning  them to their  natural pH level.  We will extract around 90-95% of the moisture back out your home furnishings. They will, be  clean, fresh and dry in 2-4 hours

Step 7 Protector

If you have small children or particularly messy pets it may be wise to get some fabric protector, it won’t stop marks or spills,but what it will do is make it far more likely to come out the next time you have your home furnishings professionally cleaned by us.

Step 8 Deodorise

We have a range of deodorisers to suit the job. Whether its pet smells or something that requires a bit more. Our products  eats up the bacteria that cause unwanted odour  leaving a pleasant ,fresh scent.every time.

Step 9 Final check with customer

We will give a full final inspection with yourself and discuss any problem areas in great detail to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the service

You don’t even have to be there while our expert cleaners work. Just let us know how to get access – garage or door codes or a hidden key are perfect.

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